How To Serve More People in Less Time with Half the Admin Work (Without Staff)

About this Webinar with

Dr. Jodi Dinnerman of Staffless Practice

Do you ever feel like you just wish there was a cheat sheet, or a class, to tell you what to do to make things SMOOTH and EFFICIENT around the office? Like, you know there is an easier way to handle all of the admin tasks, but you are not sure where to start without wasting time?

And you are sure that someone has already thought of something...that could help you grow and serve more people?

Well, chin up, Buttercup!

Here we go- we are offering a private training (off of Social Media, because we are sharing some high $$$$ content).

I will share the following:
👉 How to turn your office phone into a client directory
👉 Texting platform know-how that is compliant and does not break the bank
👉 How to personalize and streamline emails so that they are lovely, branded, and filled with the right content, not too much, not too little.

Got staff? Cool, have them join! You will thank me for it (and so will they)!